Show Notes – 10/15/11: Soup in Columbus

best soups in Columbus
Tasi Cafe (Short North): Hangover soup and queso fresco (often available at weekends)

Chile Verde (Sawmill Road): green chili stew

Huong  (Morse Road): Pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup)

Whole World (Clintonville): daily range of soups

The Top Steakhouse (Bexley): French Onion Soup

Lindey’s (German Village): Lobster Bisque

Latitude 41 (Downtown): roasted butternut squash soup with poached lobster

Nida’s (Short North): tom kha gai or tom yum (also at Westgate Thai, Erawan, Bangkok)

Bangkok (Refugee Road): wonton soup

Katzinger’s – chicken noodle soup (as seen on TV! )

Tatoheads – food truck – loaded baked potato soup

and Bethia forgot to mention — great soups from the Fish Guys at North Market


Hills MarketHills on the GO

Slow Food Columbus

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