Shownotes – 08/18/12: 48 Hours in Columbus – Andy’s picks.

best places to eat columbus ohio

Skillet – brunch from Skillet’s ever changing farm to table menu

Fortune – Sichuan chinese

Los Guachos – al pastor tacos and gringas

Kihachiomakase menu breathtaking Japanese food

Pistacia Vera – brunch and French style pastries

Westgate Thai – mom and pop Thai

Ray Ray’s BBQ (more from CMH Gourmand) – BBQ truck. Best BBQ in town.

The Coop – all things poultry and egg plus yak burgers.

Double Happiness – Freshstreet yakitori

What would be on your ’48 hours in Columbus’ list?

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5 Responses to Shownotes – 08/18/12: 48 Hours in Columbus – Andy’s picks.

  1. cmh gourmand says:

    Come on Columbus…what are your picks for 48 hours in the capital city? The best answers, may land you an interview on Foodcast.

  2. tim simeone says:

    Breakfast – Stop at Cafe Brioso grab a craft cup of joe then head to
    North Star Cafe – Ham and cheese scone with the sweet potato hash

    Lunch- Lindey’s Patio Tuna Nicoise

    “Snacky snack” – North Market Brezel

    Dinner – DeNovo – lobster mac and cheese double bone porkchop

    Digesting Activity- brown paper bag beers in Columbus Commons

    Breakfast – I second Pistacia Vera…my god the fruit pinwheel

    Lunch – Harvest Pizza

    “Snacky Snack” – free pickle at Katzingers

    Dinner – Milestone 229

    Night Cap – Curio

  3. bethia says:

    Thanks Tim, that’s a great list — we should probably point out that the pickles at Katzingers are only free if you purchase a sandwich! Otherwise they are 25c. We don’t want anyone to get in trouble!

  4. iloveyumyum says:

    Great list, but don’t try to go to Double Happiness on Sunday. They are usually closed, except for Blowfly on Sept. 16th!

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