Show Notes – 01/05/13: Restaurant Rants

Hello Listeners,

Some media have a sweeps week – think of Shark Week to get the ratings up. Except in January, on WCBE, we are presenting the Johnny and Jim Show for the whole month! Do we think this will increase ratings? Honestly – no way. But Bethia and Andy are abroad and the show must go on. We apologize to them and you our listeners for the avant garde nature of the shows – but as they say in the radio biz, the show MUST go on. And because we don’t want to repeat episodes Johnny and Jim hand crafted the January Series just for you – going to places we have never gone before….mainly in the arena of good taste.

We offer a special apology to Mike Beaumomt, our editor and producer who is under some strain piecing these episodes together with his three week old daughter on his lap.

Rants in this episode:

“How does everything taste?”

Special Orders – They do upset us.

Cell Phone use in Restaurants

Water glass 1/2 full – OK, constantly at 90% full due to an overzealous water nymph…!

Questions for you our fair listeners, by which we mean Dave Scarpetti.

What do you think of the show names:



What are your rants? Let us know as a comment here.

In case you wish to write a letter of complaint to WBCE, here is the address:

WCBE 90.5 FM
Dan Mushalko
General Manager, Operations & Program Director
540 Jack Gibbs Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43215

Business line: (614) 365-5555


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2 Responses to Show Notes – 01/05/13: Restaurant Rants

  1. 1. Not a rant, but a comment. I want more shows that express unfettered rage!
    2. Sorry food bloggers: I believe photographing food during the meal is not polite.
    3. People who don’t leave the restaurant when their kid is misbehaving.
    4. Rubenesque female servers with plunging necklines bending over to serve you as if to encourage a greater tip (most often happens at Kahoots at lunch).
    5. Excessive promotion of appetizers and desserts (mostly at cheesy kid-friendly places).
    6. Patrons who put their dinner rolls in the milk chocolate fountain; it’s only for the strawberries and pineapple! (mostly happens at Golden Corral)
    7. If you’re going to have a kid’s menu, if you want a parent to look forward to coming to a place with a kid’s menu – up the game! Kids like good food too.

    That’s it for now, as always, a top notch show and good job Mike for producing in the early and hazy days of parenting – you really don’t need all that sleep you used to get.

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