Show Notes – 01/12/13: Eat Feats

This week Johnny and Jim go against the New Year ritual of healthy eating by sharing some of the massive eating challenges in town – which we call Eat Feats.

Broadcast listeners only got a tease but you podcast loyalists get to hear Johnny and Jim transform into Hans and Franz…….

Hang on, after this there are two more episodes of “FoodCads”.

Ohio Deli – Dagwood Challenge

Neighbors Deli – The Monolith

Hangover Easy – massive plate of food

Gena’s – Pancake Challenge

Thurman Cafe – Thurmanator

Gahanna Grill – The Beanie Burger


About cmh gourmand

I love food and travel and traveling for food.
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One Response to Show Notes – 01/12/13: Eat Feats

  1. I think the next episode should be recorded in my basement. The acoustics are perfect and it’s manly as hell. We’ll be surrounded by beer, whiskey, power tools, a smelly hound and meat, perfect props for a podcast.

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