Show Notes – 01/19/13: Seafood Conspiracy?

Week three of Foodcads or Foodcats….continues. To date Dan Mushalko has not received any letter of complaint – which we can’t really complain about, yet we feel this is a bit of a challenge, so this week we push the envelope farther, looking at one of Johnny’s conspiracy theories…..that we don’t have fresh fish in town.

We may or may not have broken FCC policies by asking for donations from our 17 listeners for gas money to drive to New Yew City to investigate this issue undercover.

Google maps shows the road trip is 1070 miles, so assuming 32 mph and gas at $3.10 per gallon – with a little bit of rounding – we would need to raise $103.85 for the drive. If that happens – then we would do the first Foodcast road trip and might take one unlucky listener with us. Please note, Johnny likes to sing in the car.

“Tony” Bourdain and seafood.

Speaking of Tony, if we make it to the Big Apple, we will try to interview Tony or document our failed attempts to do so.


About cmh gourmand

I love food and travel and traveling for food.
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