02/02/13 – Shownotes: Eat Your Vegetables

This special episode should be shared with every child you know.

The final Johnny and Jim Show (Foodcats or Foodcads) focuses on vegetables. We discuss Johnny’s hatred of peas and his questionable Laverne and Shirley style approach of consuming milk and peas. Then we look at the propaganda and conspiracies that hid great vegetables from us (canned beets, frozen broccoli, etc.)

And we throw down a CHEF’S CHALLENGE! at Basi Italia, Knead Urban Diner and Latitude 41 to create a Marcaspone and Beet dessert. This is open to the public too. If you create a palatable entry, we will think of some type of reward.

Discussed in this episode.


Broccoli (better with butter or cheese or in Cooker’s Broccoli Cheese soup)

Beets (better with Goat Cheese)

The Chef’s Garden (order a rainbow beet)

Brussels Sprouts

White Asparagus

The “Asparagus” Experiment

and remember citizens – Beige is bad!

Dave…..David Scarpetti – can you do the Beet Marcaspone challenge?


About cmh gourmand

I love food and travel and traveling for food.
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