Show Notes – 05/4/13: An Interview with Robert Lemon about Transfusion, a documentary about a Taco Truck in Columbus

interviews Robert Lemon about his documentary, Transfusion. We have copied a description of the film below, taken from Robert’s website.

Synopsis: Transfusion is a documentary film set in Columbus, OH about food, life, immigration, and the exchange of culture in unexpected places. While the west side of the city (The Greater Hilltop Area) struggle to come to terms with how to handle the emergence of taco trucks, a black neighborhood on the East side (the King-Lincoln district) has invited a taco truck into one of the most impoverished areas of Columbus to help revitalize the community. For the city of Columbus the trucks are more than just about food, they’re about immigration, race, community acceptance, and the exchange of life in the inner city

The film will be shown at The Gateway Film Center on May 11th at 4:00 pm. A donation of $15 is requested. The donation funds will be used to try to get the film into various film festivals. There is a Facebook listing for the event listed -> HERE.

Not mentioned in the interview, is Los Potosinos, a taco truck Foodcast knows well. The owner Lidia is featured prominently in the film. Los Potosinos is not open currently but it may return in the future. Lidia is pictured below.

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