Shownotes – 04/12/14: Rambling House Soda Pop


This week we speak with John Lynch, chief proprietor, bottle washer and more at Rambling House Soda Pop. We did not go into detail in the show but his wife Jen, his brother and many other family members are directly involved with the business too.

Jim almost had a moment of genius during the interview. He says “pardon the pun but…” what he forgot to add in (but he really did plan to say was) is “your business is popping”…….

He almost got it again when he said……”pretty hopping place for shows”….

Other things we did not mention but you need to know. Rambling House hosts bluegrass and other local music most Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays Saturdays and some Sundays. John’s brother is now working there full time – so a job has been created! You can find food trucks there most Friday and Saturday nights.

Rambling House Soda Pop
310 East Hudson Street
Old North Columbus (near the Intersection of Indianola and Hudson)

Other places to find Rambling House Soda Pop
The Ohio Tap Room
Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza
The Torpedo Room
Seventh Son Brewing Company
Weiland’s Market


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